August 27, 2020

Article: History Colorado Seeks New Museum Director

Article: History Colorado Seeks New Museum Director

After four years serving as the director of the Trinidad History Museum, Community Outreach Specialist Kirby Stokes moved on in June 2020, leaving for Las Vegas, Nevada. As noted by History Colorado Director of Community Relations, Zach Werkowitch, Stokes’ departure effectively left one employee in charge of an entire block of museum properties.

Now, Werkowitch stated, History Colorado is looking for someone with a varied background to serve as director of the Trinidad History Museum. “A lot of what a museum does is community work, not just history. It’s making sure that community voices are heard in museum programs and exhibits.”

Werkowitch said that the new director would be responsible for managing the finances and facilities of the buildings and gardens that make up the Trinidad History Museum, along with the virtual content the museum uses to educate children and adults. The incoming director will also be responsible for the exhibits that will take place at the Trinidad History Museum for the bicentennial of the Santa Fe Trail in 2021.

“Our audience has come with us online,” Werkowitch said. “We’ve had some incredible speakers [from] across the country that we couldn’t normally get in person, Werkowitch explained, “The quality of speakers [has] been great. As has the response from participants.”

The Trinidad History Museum’s virtual exhibit, Borderlands of Southern Colorado, has included a speaker series that has attracted hundreds of attendees. Additionally, the Trinidad History Museum has conducted “virtual field trips” with students who could not attend field trips in person because of the Coronavirus. When students are not in school, the Trinidad History Museum offers a “Hands On History” program for children in grades one through eight.

Werkowitch said that, given its reduced staffing, the Trinidad History Museum needs volunteer help. Werkowitch explained that prospective volunteers do not need a background in history and that there is a place at the museum for anyone who wants to help.

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