October 1, 2020

Content Marketing: A Retired Guidance Counselor Tumbles Into A New Enterprise

Content Marketing: A Retired Guidance Counselor Tumbles Into A New Enterprise

This was an "advertorial" published in the World Journal newspaper to benefit an advertiser involved in opening a new business.

Louis Rino was adjusting the stitching on a Trinidad Police Officer’s uniform when I met him in his new business, Linda’s Laundromat.  Louis, the retired guidance counselor from Trinidad High School, purchased the laundromat in January 2020 after selling another property, based on guidance from the business banking department at First National Bank.  “I’ve never been one that could sit still,” Louis said, “I couldn’t simply retire to go get coffee and do a volunteer stint once a week in a hospital.”

From First National Bank handling his investment strategy to Greigo Insurance and Dixon & Waller Accountants, Rino praised Trinidad businesses that worked with him for their hard work. Still, Rino explained, while working as a guidance counselor, he had been an entrepreneur for the last thirty years, flipping houses in his twenties.  Rino was happy to have taken over the business, but there was a sense of wistfulness for his former students that he could not deny.  “When the kids had problems,” Rino said, “they would come to me.”

Rino’s laundromat was empty and extraordinarily clean, smelling like pine-scented floor cleaner and the coffee Rino had brewing in his office.  Rows of commercial washers and dryers reflected early morning sunlight from the windows.

Rino explained that his services went beyond just coin-operated laundry machines and tailoring police uniforms.  He also washed comforters, commercial cleaning products, such as mop heads, uniforms assembly, and linens for AirBnB locations and small hotels.  “We also have dry cleaning drop off,” Rino said, explaining that he dropped off and picked up dry cleaning twice a week.

Like other business owners, Rino was concerned that the construction-related road closure on Santa Fe Trail would hurt his business.  He attempted to put a positive spin on it, saying that he intended to “roll with it.”  However, Rino said he wished the city had discussed the closure with businesses on Santa Fe Trail.