The Dead Drop

What is a Dead Drop?

A dead drop was a tool that spies used to communicate with their handlers.  When a spy wanted to relay a message to their handler but didn’t want to risk face-to-face commmunication (face-to-face communication would be considered a “live drop.”), they would encode that message and place it in a hidden location so that the handler could pick it up at a later time.

The Dead Drop is my newsletter with actionable information about marketing, business, and the law.  If small business owners subscribe to the Dead Drop, they will find multiple ways to improve their business and retain more customers.  The Dead Drop also provides links to my recent projects and upcoming events.  It’s not a hard sell for my services, and I won’t spam your inbox with it.  You can look at the archive of my past newsletters here.  Sign up for the Dead Drop using the form below.

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